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It all began in 1999, in a private session with Spirit Guide Master Kirael, Stacie was surprised to hear that she would be bringing messages through from Spirit, much like her mentor and spiritual father, Kahu Fred Sterling. He led her through her first steps as a channel, first establishing a safe space in her mind. She imagined it to be a little grove in the forest with a path that led to a pond and a waterfall. Nearby there was a winding stream with fairies and butterflies above dancing in rhythm.

She began writing down what Hector spoke to her envisioning  the stream where they sat as he held her hand.   Hector recited ancient Greek mythology stories, which were her childhood favorites. After a time, the stories began to veer from what was known to unknown pieces of information. New stories of old were told and shared. After months upon months, one day, Kahu Sterling quietly said to her, "You are ready."

Thus began the journies of Hector and Stacie....

As a spiritual reader and signature cell healing practioner, Stacie has taught classes in Hawaii, Montana and Japan.  Hector's wisdom was published in a book called, "The Sacred Shift", and Stacie has been interviewed on radio.  If you are interested in meeting Hector or Stacie, contact us at stacie@spiritualreader.net or call 310-928-1367 and leave a message.

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I met Stacie at Padma's Tea House in Haiku, she does some wonderful readings and has many years of experience in her work. She channels messages from Hestectoramus, or Hector from the sixth dimensional plane, which you can read about more on her website.

At her guided reading session, she asked me to name three areas of my life which I am concerned with, and then she wrote them down in three separate sections on a piece of paper. Then, she started telling me messages from Hector, sometimes while drawing pictures on the paper. Some of these messages were quite surprising to me. For some things, there are suggestions on what to do or focus on, including some "homework" assignments from Hector.

Some of these answers immediately came true and some I had to wait a number of days for, but having experience receiving readings from many different people, these messages were pretty accurate for me.




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